Nutriheal Wheatgrass is a family business based in Bangalore, India where the passion for producing quality wheatgrass shots is as alive today as it was at the beginning of this journey. Their mission is to shake up the health food market and bring wheatgrass juice into the 21st Century, and the company’s commitment to ongoing research and development has helped this business stay at the front of the health food sector.

Switching from the traditional soil farming methods used to grow the wheatgrass to the more modern and cleaner Hydroponics method is an example of this business’s willingness to make changes to benefit its product and customers. Hydroponics allows the wheatgrass to grow in optimal conditions so that only the highest nutritional quality wheatgrass juice is produced every time.

The wheatgrass shots are produced from the organic seed, have full accreditation from the Vegetarian Society and are completely free from additives or preservatives and are never heat treated or frozen. The product is under due testing and same will be made available for public consumption soon.

The company has full provenance and traceability as it grows, harvests, juices, packages and distributes their wheatgrass shots from their company headquarters in Bangalore, an area of an outstanding green city.

Nutriheal Wheatgrass is one of the most nutrient dense, vitamin-packed plants nature has to offer. Nutriheal Wheatgrass is NOT the same thing as common wheat − only the name is similar. So there's no worry about yeast or gluten allergies or intolerances. If you can eat green veggies, you can easily and safely take Nutriheal Wheatgrass! 

You have the convenience of a single serving, which makes preparation and storage easy. You can take it with you anywhere you go…vacation, gym. work, etc.

With our wheatgrass, you don’t have to hassle yourself with planting the wheatgrass and juicing it every morning. And you don’t need expensive juicers and no mess to clean up after.

Most of us don’t have the time or patience to do this. But with our wheatgrass, you can take your wheatgrass anywhere and take it anytime with a glass of water without sacrificing the quality of your wheatgrass.

In fact, you get much more from one packet of our wheatgrass than you’d normally get from freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice. The roots change the taste to that of “green tea”, and you get superior nutrition.

Why is the root of wheatgrass so important?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the leaves of wheatgrass have a cooling effect, whereas the roots produce a heating effect. Combining both characteristics neutralizes the effect produced by each individually.

From the scientific perspective, the root of wheatgrass is rich in nutrients, enzymes, and active ingredients. Experiments show that both roots and leaves contain many types of nutrients, which co-exist in synergistic proportion to form a balance and whole nutrition.

Wheatgrass is part of the cereal grass family. Wheatgrass is known as a “live food” or “living food”. It is a high-density storehouse packed with chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins and is easily assimilated into the body. It is considered a super nutrient, the premier “green superfood” of nature.

Our wheatgrass is grown organically. Because of its method of farming, our wheatgrass contains both the blades and the roots, and it has more nutrients than freshly squeezed wheatgrass! We are the only company in the world that includes the roots along with the blades.

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