Wheat Grass supplement health benefit, juice and products, review

15 March 2016 by Wheat Grass 307653 Views

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Therapeutic Potential of Organic Triticum aestivum Linn. (Wheat Grass) in Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Shoot of Triticum aestivum Linn. (Hindi Name- gehun, kanak, Sanskrit name- godhuma) is called as a wheat grass, belonging to family: Gramineae. [1] Triticum is a genus of annual and biennial grasses, yielding various types of wheat, native to south west Asia and the Mediterranean region. T aestivum Linn. common or bread wheat, is widely cultivated almost all over the world. Generally, 15-20 species are recognized, of which 8 have been reported to occur in India.


Give me the (green) juice: confessions of a juicing fanatic

15 March 2016 by News 269061 Views

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Forget three meals a day – all you need is cold-pressed wheatgrass and a pint of liquidised curly kale. As the medical profession grows concerned, Tim Jonze explains his conversion to a new obsession


Wheatgrass Benefits for Senior Citizens

15 March 2016 by Nutriheal 215844 Views

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Many of senior citizens among our user base of wheatgrass found it very useful for their age related complications like Acidity, Joint Pain, Blood Pressure Diabetes and day to day allergic infections due to low immunity.

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