Wheatgrass Benefits for Senior Citizens

15 March 2016 by Nutriheal 214098 Views

Many of senior citizens among our user base of wheatgrass found it very useful for their age related complications like Acidity, Joint Pain, Blood Pressure Diabetes and day to day allergic infections due to low immunity.

Almost in all the cases they noticed improved energy levels, lowered level of acidity, consistent blood pressure, relief from joint pains, and strengthening of body muscles helping them in managing their day to day activity in a better and comfortable way.

Wheatgrass with its host of nutrients , active enzymes and antioxidants fight the free radicals in body and slow down the aging process.

Free Radicals accumulated in body are known to alter the DNA of human cell and lead to Cancer.

Wheatgrass as Beauty Aid

All the companies making beauty product with millions on their advertising budget never fails to convince us that external use of their products like creams, oil shampoo, conditioner etc. will make us look more attractive.

But there are still people who do understand that there is no substitute to taking a nutrients rich diet which makes our body healthy and minimize the need of using external cosmetics.

Wheatgrass has long been used to supplement food for getting all nutrients and always works for making you beautiful naturally.

Wheatgrass is known for it’s therapeutic values for a long time and more and more people are recognizing its benefits. Lot of people are using it as a aid to fight Cancer, Thalassaemia, Arthritis, Diabetes, Metabolism problem and other conditions.

But as it is said the prevention is better than cure, it is always advisable to start healthy living with healthy eating and wheatgrass can be a major factor to achieve it.

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